Meet Maria, the new Graduate Assistant

Hi! My name is Maria Hetz and I am a new Graduate Assistant in Career Services. I am currently a first year grad student here at the University at Albany in the Mental Health Counseling Program. My program began in May, just weeks after graduating from Nazareth College of Rochester, and even more recently I applied and was accepted into this fantastic position at Career Services.

At Nazareth I majored in both Psychology and English Literature. This major left me with a plethora of options in my future. Would I continue on with my education? Would I go out and get an entry-level position and work my way up? Did I want to focus on Psychology, or was I more interested in English Literature? These were all questions I SHOULD have gone to my CAREER SERVICES office at Nazareth to figure out. Instead, I decided it would be much more fun to completely stress myself out and decide I was totally alone in this decision.  After a long, laborious process of figuring things out on my own, I finally found my place in the world (a wonderful feeling, by the way), and began applying to grad schools, being accepted, and choosing the right school for  who I am and what I want.

My jobs here at Career Services will mainly be taking appointments that focus on interviewing skills, job and internship searches, resume and cover letter critiquing, drop-In hours, and a handful of other career-related concerns. Alongside that, I will also be overseeing a great deal of the social media-related aspects of Career Services. Who knew how much social media could be related to career development?! Not only do we have a Twitter with a constant feed of local and national job offerings, we also have a Facebook account, a group on LinkedIn, as well as a Pinterest account which offers all kinds of helpful tips from resume writing to what to wear to an interview!  So be sure to check out those websites (and this blog), and the more I learn, the more I’ll continue to share with you!

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