Are you a Woman in the Technical field? Check out these scholarships!

Mediaocean Funds Three 25K Scholarships for Women in Tech – Learn More & Apply Today


Diversity drives innovation and creativity, so why is it that only 20% of jobs in the tech industry are held by women? We need to take action and make a change.

At Mediaocean, we envision a future where gender equality in the tech industry is the norm, and want to encourage and inspire more women to make waves in technology. That’s why we’ve started Mediaocean’s Women in Technology Scholarship Fund.

This scholarship will grant $25,000 to three women to help them fund their dream career in technology. Open to current undergraduate and graduate students pursuing STEM degrees, we hope this scholarhip will spark interest and give three motivated women the opportunity to make their dreams happen.

Know anyone interested in applying? Visit Mediaocean’s Women in Tech Website for more details.

  Learn More & Apply Now  

Join the Conversation. Spread the Word.

Share this opportunity through social media, and give someone you know the chance to fund their dream career in tech. Spread the word and help women make waves in tech by tweeting @TeamMediaocean and using the hashtag #WomeninTech.

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