The deadline to aply for Children’s Corps is fast approaching!

The application for Children’s Corps will be available this week on Fostering Change for Children’s website,  They are recruiting graduating students and alumni to apply for the Children’s Corps Class of 2015! The application is available now. Deadlines are January 23rd and February 27th, 2015. This opportunity is open to anyone who will have a BA or MA by June 2014, and social work, psychology, mental health counseling, social justice or other related concentrations might find particular interest.

As you may know, Children’s Corps is a program that is improving the lives of children and families involved in the child welfare system by building a strong community of professionals. Children’s Corps looks for individuals who are passionate about working with vulnerable families and making a difference in their lives. Children’s Corps places its members in full-time positions with salary and benefits and offers a close and supportive network of professionals, peers, and alumni.  To learn more about the program, follow the link to our website.

For more information see: Children’s Corps recruitment brochure 2014

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