Volunteers in Asia (VIA) is seeking recently graduated candidates!

VIA (aka Volunteers in Asia) is currently seeking college graduates who are interested in exploring new opportunities in China and Southeast Asia in 2015-16.

VIA is a private, non-profit, non-religious organization dedicated to increasing understanding between the United States and Asia through service and education.  VIA partners with NGOs and schools located in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.  Service Fellows work in a variety of sectors, including education, the environment, community development, women’s rights and anti-trafficking.  Fellows help build local capacity in English or offer resource training to local NGO organizations, while learning about the local culture and language and building friendships.  Service Fellowships with VIA can shape careers, create lasting local impact and lead to lifetime connections in Asia.

[From Dr. Jean Aden, the prof’s colleague making this appeal:] As one of the first VIA volunteers in Indonesia in 1969-70, I taught English at provincial universities in Java and Sumatra, while living with Indonesian families.  This experience, fresh out of college, opened doors, including graduate studies of Southeast Asia, work at the World Bank on environment and social safeguards in Asia, and the opportunity to create and direct an independent accountability mechanism at a U.S. development agency.  Fast forward to 2013-14, I have recently worked alongside a VIA volunteer in Myanmar, who has brought the considerable knowledge of Myanmar culture and language gained during her two years of service at a local high school to a new position at Yangon University, and is performing with distinction.  It is a pleasure to see VIA still building connections and creating lasting impact as Myanmar opens to the outside world.

For recent or prospective college graduates interested in applying for a one year VIA fellowship for 2015-16, the application deadlines are November 30, 2014 (first round) and January 15, 2015 (second round).  More details are at www.viaprograms.org.  For further information, potential applicants should feel free to contact me at jean.aden202@gmail.com.

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