Washington Internship Institute is accepting Applications

The Washington Internship Institute’s semester-long academic internship program is carefully designed to provide college sophomores, juniors, seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students from the U.S. and abroad with practical, hands-on experience and academically rigorous courses emphasizing personal and professional development.

In addition to enhancing your skills and building your resume, you may also be eligible to receive academic credit from your school; most students earn a full semester’s worth of credit. The learning doesn’t stop when you step out of your office or classroom. You’ll continue learning at home by living with fellow students—creating a community of scholars—and also every time you set foot outside of your apartment, as DC becomes your campus.

Our internship program is distinguished by several features:

Our comprehensive approach. WII’s programs combine

  • practical, real and challenging internship experiences;
  • stimulating and rigorous academic coursework;
  • co-curricular activities including networking opportunities, community service projects, and events featuring distinguished guest speakers;
  • convenient housing;
  • and, guidance and support from WII’s staff.

Our personal attention to your interests and desired career path. After acceptance into our academic internship program, your WII internship adviser will guide you through the process of securing an internship placement by helping you gather application materials and by contacting possible placements on your behalf. Since 1990, we have worked with thousands of offices around town.

Our commitment to academic quality. WII requires all academic internship participants to take two courses, an internship seminar and a core course. Our faculty includes top policy professionals and leading academics who guide you in examining policy issues and utilize their extensive academic and professional connections to enrich courses with a variety of notable guest speakers and site visits.

Our strong international focus. To help develop active global citizens, WII encourages diversity in our classrooms and the examination of issues on a global level. We have custom-designed immersion seminars for groups of international students. International students make up a significant portion of our student body.

To apply visit: http://wiidc.org/

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