Coffee with Alumni- Meet Sarah Gold!

On Thursday, October 30th from 12:30-1:30 Career Services will be holding a Coffee with Alumni event featuring 2001 Alumnus Sarah Gold, owner of Gold Lawn Firm. Come ask questions, hear her story, and get advice on advancing your own career after graduation. Here’s a little more about her: 

Sarah Gold has always been a part of the Capital District of New York, having grown up in Guilderland, and attending the University of Albany where she began as an Atmospheric Science Major. However, after taking some classes in the field she took some time for exploration, acquiring an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies at Schenectady Community College, then returning to finish a Bachelor’s in American History.

Proof positive that not all career paths are straightforward, Sarah took 9 years in all to finish her degree in American History, and continued to discover her next steps through several different jobs including; bank teller, bookkeeper, receptionist, legal secretary, and paralegal. Through her time as a paralegal she came to realize she wanted more from her work and decided to apply for law school.

After attending Albany Law School and passing the Bar, she was an associate at a local law firm, where she worked extensively in the hedge fund industry, negotiating and drafting contractual agreements with some of the largest banks in the world. When the job market took a downturn in 2008, Sarah decided to make her own landing by creating Gold Law Firm in 2011 as a way to work locally with both for- profit and non-profit businesses.  She works with business owners to assist with contract issues, employment issues, administrative law issues and licensing, and other items that occur when people do business. She forms companies, drafts and negotiates employment contracts, and helps small businesses exercise their legal rights. She was named an Upstate New York Super Lawyers Rising Star for Business/Corporate Law in both 2013 and 2014. She is extensively involved with the New York State Bar Association. She is the Chair of the Young Lawyers Section, Secretary of the Business Law Section, Member of the House of Delegates, and involved with the Law, Youth, and Citizenship Committee, Committee on Women in Law, and the Electronic Communications Committee.

Her advice for those who would like to attend law school is to keep your mind open. While it’s great to say that you’re going to be a litigator or do real estate, keep your options open.  Most paths are not straight, and unless you have family in the business already, finding your way may be more difficult than you imagined.  Also, try and go to school where you plan to work.  Unless you are going to one of the big T-14 schools, people tend to hire locally.  Most Albany lawyers went to Albany Law, and it’s not an accident.

Her advice to those who are still at the University at Albany: Network like mad and don’t burn bridges.  Especially if you are staying local, you’ll never know when paths will cross in the future. The better your reputation now, the further you’ll be ahead when it comes to finding work, getting referrals, and having people respect you.  It can be very hard to burnish a tarnished image, so just don’t do it.

An avid social media user, you can find her and her firm here:

Twitter – @SarahGold

LinkedIn –

Facebook –

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