Villanova is offering a Summer Business Institute for NON-BUSINESS majors!

Started in 1997, VSB’s Summer Business Institute, SBI, is a full-time, on-site, 16-credit program designed specifically for non-business students.  In SBI, “your understanding of business is our business.”  Students are immersed in an accelerated curriculum taught by full-time VSB faculty, and are exposed to fundamental business disciplines including accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics, and business law.  A professional success course complements the experience, introducing participants to practicing professionals, exposing them to an array of career options, and empowering them to develop their own unique, personal brand.

The SBI experience ends with a capstone project where student groups are challenged to produce and present a competitive, real-world, marketing campaign to SBI’s corporate partner.  For the 2014 session, QVC was the corporate partner.

A SBI credential adds value to any degree and is a wise investment in the future of students from all backgrounds, regardless of career aspirations.

More information: 2015 SBI Fact Sheet

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