Considering a career in Dentistry?

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine would like to introduce you to our signature pipeline program “Gateway to Dentistry”. This is a unique, 2-week internship that provides college students with lectures, hands-on dental exercises and clinical observation experiences that familiarize them with the many facets of the profession and with dental school life.

Twice a year 30 college students from across the United States experience the “Gateway to Dentistry” program. Approximately one-fifth to one-fourth of each RSDM incoming class is comprised of Gateway graduates.

Perhaps these comments from program participants say it best:

“Being able to hear from professionals in the field who are extremely knowledgeable and excited about dentistry was instructive and inspiring.”

“This program was an amazing opportunity and I truly enjoyed myself. It has secured my desire to attend dental school and succeed in the dental field. Thank you!”

“I had a great experience and would love to do it again if I could.”

The link to the program website is below, which provides the dates, full program description, how to apply on-line, application deadlines and required supporting documentation (a current transcript and a letter of recommendation from a health professions advisor or a basic science professor).

If you require additional information, feel free to contact Ms. Maritza Camacho directly at

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