848 vacancies in Education!

Southern Teachers Agency currently has 848 vacancies listed by schools for the 2014-15 academic year!

Each year, STA helps hundreds of teachers and coaches find jobs at outstanding college preparatory schools throughout the South—nearly 600 schools in 16 states from Texas to Florida to Pennsylvania.

General Requirements: • Elementary Education: teacher certification required and, typically, 3 years of full time teaching experience • Art, Physical Education, and Music: teacher certification strongly preferred • Learning Specialist: teacher certification required • Media Specialist/Library: MLS (or comparable degree) required • Counselor: master’s degree in counselor education, but not necessarily for College Counselors • Administration: master’s degree in administration preferred for most jobs • For most other middle- and high-school teaching positions, a bachelor’s degree with a major in the teaching field (or at least a minor) is essential. Teacher certification is preferred, but not always required.

Application process: Apply to be an STA Candidate. You’ll be asked to upload your resume and cover letter along with the STA application. Job Fairs: Throughout the hiring season, STA will host 12 virtual recruitment fairs: Thursdays @ STA! Registered STA candidates may participate in these fairs and will have the opportunity to meet school administrators through prescheduled, real-time digital interviews for vacancies, with zero travel and zero registration costs.

In order to participate in the next virtual fair of 2014 on May 22nd, interested students should apply to STA for candidacy as soon as possible. For more information about Thursdays @ STA, click here.

Please visit our website or contact: Southern Teachers Agency Charlottesville, Virginia Tel (434) 295-9122 http://www.SouthernTeachers.com

Please click on any of the links below for information about current vacancy listings.

History/Social Studies

Learning Specialist
Media Specialist/Librarian
Physical Education
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