Paid Summer Internship available with the City of New York!



The City of New York

Office of Management and Budget

255 Greenwich Street • New York, New York 10007-2146

Summer Intern                                                                                                                            Control Code: Intern-14-01


Agency Description

As part of the Office of the Mayor, the New York City Office of Management and Budget (OMB), is responsible for preparing the Mayor’s Preliminary and Executive Budgets. Additionally, OMB advises the Mayor on issues affecting the City’s fiscal health and the efficiency of City services and programs. OMB houses a staff of approximately 315 employees, who oversee an annual budget of $69.9 billion. OMB examines the budgets and programs of both City agencies and covered organizations and, in effect, is the City’s chief financial office. Employees examine each aspect of government; look for methods to improve existing services, assure that services are necessary and are being used appropriately, and look ahead to see where current trends are leading the City and its economy.


Internship Responsibilities

Internships will be available in various Task Forces within the agency. Interns will focus on major projects and assignments during their internship at OMB. Also, they may work with OMB’s budget analysts in conducting research and analysis related to the work of the Task Force.


Qualifications/Special Skills/Areas of Study

Graduateinterns should have completed a minimum one year of study in Finance, Public Policy, Public Administration, Business Administration, Economics, Urban Planning or related fields. Candidates should have strong analytical, quantitative, research and communication skills. Additionally, candidates must be proficient with the following computer applications; MS Word, Excel, and Access.


Undergraduate interns should have majors in any of the fields of study mentioned above. Strong analytical, research and communications skills are required. Candidates must have familiarity with the following computer applications; MS Word, Excel, and Access.


To participate in the OMB Summer Internship Program, graduate students must be currently enrolled or accepted into a graduate program and undergraduate students must be enrolled or accepted into a college or university.


Application Process

Interested candidates should forward a resume and cover letter to their career placement officer. If the school is not on OMB’s mailing list, interested candidates may submit a resume and cover letter to Nicole Dellacorte at the address below.



Summer Graduate Intern                                   $17.00 per hour

Summer Undergraduate Intern                         $12.00 per hour


Internships will run for 10 weeks, from June 2, 2014 to August 8, 2014. The work must be done during the regular work day, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. – no evenings or weekends.


Contact Person:                   Nicole DellaCorte

Title:                                       Recruitment Specialist

Fax:                                        (212) 788-6292

E-mail Address:                   NYCOMBRT@OMB.NYC.GOV




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