Woodstock Film Festival looking for Students

The Woodstock Film Festival is a fiercely independent Film Festival located in New York’s Hudson Valley. They are currently looking for interns for Summer 2014 who will help  as they work towards their 15th annual Festival.

They are looking for talented students who are interested in film to fill the following positions:

Public Relations / Press Intern: The Public Relations / Press Intern will write press releases and be heavily involved in social media campaigns. Other jobs include reaching out to various organizations (schools, businesses etc.) to gather interest for the Film Festival and sending out calls for entry.

Guest Relations Intern: Leading up to the festival, The Guest Relations Intern will be in contact with filmmakers to help arrange travel and housing for accepted filmmakers attending the festival. This intern is also responsible for assisting filmmakers in checking in at Hospitality during the Festival, resolving guest issues and and make sure that all filmmakers and VIP understand their daily schedules. Guest Relations will need to have an intimate knowledge of all the locations of screening venues as well as the schedule of events. Candidates should be extremely personable, have quick problem solving ability and work well in team and individual environments.

Operations Intern: The Operations Intern assists the Operations Director with facilitating needs of all departments in the festival, assists in managing permits, correspondence with police/security and venue owners. Operations Intern must have a real can-do attitude with go-getter enthusiasm. High energy is needed, flexibility, and resourcefulness are a must and strong organizational skills are required.

Administrative Intern: The Administrative Intern will coordinate with all members of the Woodstock Film Festival team, helping to keep everyone organized and on track. Other jobs will include organizing incoming film entries and helping Hudson Valley Film commission to organize incoming filmmaking requests.

Students can apply on the intern page of our website: <http://www.woodstockfilmfestival.com/interns.htm>.

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