Want to build your career network? Sign up for this event!

It’s a fact that networking is more likely to connect you to an internship or job – and now we’re making it easy for you! Attend this free event and network online with other students and LGBTQ inclusive employers.

We’ve invited LGBTQ students from across the county as well as representatives from our partnering and sponsoring organizations to participate in this one-time event. Meet as many people as possible without leaving your computer!

This is a great opportunity to build your network in a fast, fun, and easy way!

Register Now! http://bit.ly/1btqwoF

How the event works:
1) Register for the event.
2) On March 10 at 7pm EDT, you’ll login and join the live session
3) Once you join, you’ll make your status “Available” to chat with other attendees
– You’ll be connected in timed conversations. After each chat, you’ll be automatically connected to another attendee.
– All of your chats and connections will be saved so you can go back to them at any time!

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