New York State Senate Technology Internship Program

The New York State Senate is seeking motivated students to participate in challenging and substantive computer science projects that will make a real difference in New York State government for the Spring 2014 semester. Senate interns receive the opportunity to work on missioncritical
applications under the direct supervision of a New York State Senate IT professional. Students will work in a collaborative team environment, and may work with both technical and nontechnical members.
Senate internships provide students with the ability to gain “realworld” experience, leveraging marketable technologies to help build exciting applications. Additionally, students are afforded the opportunity to work with a talented group of programmers and technologists, and are exposed to best
practices in application development. This internship is unpaid. However, past interns have applied Senate technology internships toward school credits. Students are expected to commit 10 hours per week on project work.
Employee Time and Attendance The Senate is redesigning its Time and Attendance Application to address the shortcomings of its current implementation. The project consists of enhancing/augmenting current functionality as well as migrating the technology platform from an Oraclebased
solution to a Java / PostgreSQL implementation. Students will have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of realworld
software development including requirement gathering, data and business logic modeling, coding, debugging, and testing.
A successful intern will have had some experience with the following:
● Web application development using Java
● SQL as well as database setup/configuration
● Frontend technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX
● Java Framework (eg. Struts, Spring, or JSF)
● Java IDE (eg. Eclipse, IntelliJ, or Netbeans)
● Version Control (eg. Git or Subversion)
● Linux operating system and GNU platform

Familiarity with the any of the following would be ideal:

● Spring Framework, and especially Spring MVC and Spring Security
● Oracle PL/SQL
● AngularJS
● Apache Tomcat and Maven
● Git
● IntelliJ
● CSS3 Media Queries

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