IMMEDIATE HIRE for 3 remaining VISTA Positions

We have a fantastic AmeriCorps*VISTA Fellows Program that is finishing to complete immediate hire for 3 remaining VISTA Positions.

Our program has a total of 32 placements (30 VISTA placements and two VISTA Leaders). We have a cohort of 16 that have started this summer; however, we have 3 remaining positions that are currently waiting to be filled. We are actively recruiting and would love to have you pass on the word to any of your students who are recent graduates to apply. Some of the benefits that make our program unique are:
Monthly professional development (grant writing, facilitation, fundraising and sponsorships, career planning, etc)
A strong community partner network of 30 non-profits
A strong support network of 30 VISTA Fellows, 2 VISTA Leader, Coordinator, and over 9 different civically engaged programs from our office to partner with in order to support sustainability of programs and initiatives at their sites
Conference opportunities
Meal Plan to on-campus dining facilities
Access to the gym and intramural sports
Relocation Assistance through a pro bono partnership with a reality company
Federal Loan Deferment
Monthly social activities and more!

The stipend in our program is $11,375.00 for the year and at the end of the service term the VISTA Fellow will have a choice of $5,550 educational merit award they can use to pay back their student loans or to pay for future educational expenses. As an alumna from this program, I can truly attest to how this program both develops young professionals and helps to meet some of the most critical needs of our local community. If you know any post-graduate who would be passionate about serving as an AmeriCorps*VISTA with our program, please have them contact me at or (518)-782-6942 and send me their resume by THURSDAY SEPT. 19TH OR EARLIER this week. For more information about our program, you can refer to our website at for application information or view this helpful video that captures our program in 15 minutes!

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