“Let’s Do Lunch” with Darius the Intern – Leaving on a Good Note

Hello UAlbany Great Danes, it’s been fun doing lunch with you all these past weeks, however, my internship ends tomorrow so this is the last lunch time career-related advice I’ll be offering.

I’ve learned so much while I have been here with University at Albany Career Services, and met some pretty awesome people. Even as I say my goodbyes I want to give you some advice that will be crucial to your career.

Throughout our lives we will change jobs and different opportunities will come and go. However, just as first impressions are everything so it your last impression. Never leave somewhere on bad terms, it’s not good for you or your career. Just as ambition and driven you were when you started is how you should finish up until the day you leave.

I say this because you never know who you’ll need in life and when. As a student worker on my campus I was able to leave my current job for another opportunity and when it did not work out my supervisor allowed me to come back to my old job no questions asked. When I left the position I worked hard until my last day and left a plan for whoever would be filling my position.

Don’t let your situation or feeling about your job affect how you perform, at the end of the day your reputation and brand is at state. Until next time stay tuned, keep up and “Let’s Do Lunch”. Hopefully we’ll cross paths one day!

Thanks UAlbany Career Services you’ve made this experience one to remember!

Darius the Intern

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