“Let’s Do Lunch” with Darius the Intern – Don’t Lose Your Momentum

Hello UAlbany Great Danes, I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!

College pushes or encourages many of us to step out of our comfort zone. We’re no longer living at home. We automatically assume more responsibility. We become managers of our time; filling it with classes, organizations, work, social activities, etc. We interact with individuals we may never had the opportunity to in our home towns. It’s a new world.

However, over a summer vacation or even after we graduate we lose the many things that college taught us; take risk and how to balance life. Easy lessons and not so easy lessons but the key is to learn from them. Remember that just as much effort and time you put into advancing yourself during your college years, you should continue.

For those enjoying this summer fun, make sure you set aside a little time to plan for your next step. What classes are you taking this fall? Do you want to join a student organization? What about gaining a leadership role, internship, student job, experience of any kind? Balance your time wisely; doing things you wouldn’t normally have time to do but then also prepare so you will have a better handle and outlook come fall.

For those recent graduates or even those in job transition, don’t lose that natural drive that you acquired. If you lost it already GET IT BACK and if you never had it GET IT! Do you have a job lined up? Have you considered furthering your education past a bachelor’s degree? Are there any certifications or additional trainings that would make you a better candidate?  Also don’t think the excitement of social and professional organizations and volunteering are a thing of the past. There are many organizations and volunteer opportunities to still be a part of after you graduate and they serve as excellent opportunities for networking.

So remember you can have fun and a career, just balance life with the two. Don’t lose your momentum and take some risk. Until next time stay tuned, keep up and “Let’s Do Lunch”.

Darius the Intern

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