“Let’s Do Lunch” with Darius the Intern – Me, Inc.

Hello UAlbany Great Danes and happy almost 4th of July!

Have you ever thought about your brand? When someone says your name what comes to mind? Just think of your favorite store or restaurant or clothing designer, they all work to create a brand that people will remember. However, we don’t always apply that same philosophy to our personal brand.

Ultimately it’s about marketing yourself to make you more employable. Moreover, when you establish a brand then you understand what you have to offer, which builds your confidence in job searching and networking experiences. Okay great you know what it means and how it’s important but you don’t know what steps to take—I’m getting there!

First place usually overlooked is your social media presence; it speaks to who you are and what you do so make sure it’s giving a positive accurate message. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for starters. In addition, to your social media start gaining creditability in your brand by creating a website or blog that speaks to your abilities. Next, design your resume, cover letter and even business card to reflect your brand and the message you wish to portray. Make sure everything is cohesive. Don’t miss the small details, your email address and email signature should also align with your brand. It’s all about what you want to represent and what your name means.

Enjoy the holiday but remember just as the 4th of July reminds people of fireworks, think about what sparks fly when someone thinks of you. So go brainstorm your brand and start marketing yourself. Until next time stay tuned, keep up and “Let’s Do Lunch”.

Darius the Intern

Note: Today’s lunch time career-related advice was inspired by USA Today College “A Guide to Me Marketing: How to build your Personal Brand

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