Schneider Electric Case Competition

Teams of two students (business, engineering or related majors with at least one female member) will be tasked with coming up with a creative idea for how to make their city more “green” through intelligent energy management. The top 100 teams will be offered internship interviews with Schneider Electric and the top 25 will be flown to Paris to compete against students from seven other countries.
The winning team will be flown all over the world to visit Schneider Electric plants and will be offered full time positions with Schneider.
This is a truly fantastic opportunity and I could really use your help promoting it to students. I will leave more details below. You can learn more by visiting the website at It would be great if you could share that link with your undergraduate students (sophomore-senior) so they can read more about the competition and register.
The deadline to pre-register is March 3rd. Students must pre-register with an idea in order to participate, but do not need to have the entire case put together until April 28th.
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