Graduate Student Position

Interested in hiring someone who may be a grad student or have related skills to be in charge of our workshop logistics and the ongoing development of the cultural transition program.  This program helps newly relocated foreign nationals and their families adjust to life in the U.S. and more specifically the Capital Region.  We are looking for someone who has a strong work ethic, has good social skills and is a self starter.  This person should have some working knowledge of cultural sensitivities and be able to take the program we have started and add their own ideas to making it better and sustainable.  Some requirements are:

  • Has to have own transportation as they will be bringing materials to workshops
  • Can  apply 5-7 flexible hours a week toward the logistics of putting the individual workshops together (event planning). This could grown into more hours depending on your commitment to the program and your ability to bring in revenue to support the position.
  • Bi-lingual is helpful but not essential
  • Distribute marketing materials
  • Use one’s own networks to access those whose language skills would be helpful in specific workshop scenarios
  • Reach out to professionals in the community who may support the workshops

This candidate will be asked to make sure the curriculum for each workshop is established with each workshop instructor. They will make sure materials are prepared for each workshop and keep track of those who sign up for the workshops.  They will coordinate with area employers to provide a venue for the workshops and make sure the location is convenient to the employers staff.   Pay will start at $10.00 an hour and is subject to increase once, value and time needed has been established.  We are looking for an open mind and a willingness to help in the creative process of building a substantive program that helps foreign nationals adjust to life in the U.S. and the Capital Region.  There is a lot of opportunity in taking on this role.  Many area employers and contacts will be accessible to this person in creating their own professional network.

If you know of individuals who are interested in talking with me further about this position, please have them call our office at 518-283-1812 and/or email me at  with their resumes.

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