What can Career Services do for me?

In my short three weeks here at Career Services I’ve already learned so much; I am now chock full of knowledge about resumes, cover letters, internships, job searches, grad school requirements, law school expectations, and so much more! I’m even taking my own appointments with students now. Who knew Career Services had so many resources and such a wealth of knowledge they’re just waiting to share with UAlbany students?

Personally, I never knew what (or where) my undergraduate Career Services office was. Eventually, in a whirlwind of the “oh shoot, I’m a Senior” realization I finally bucked up and checked out where the office was and what they could do. If I was helped by a staff of about two people, just imagine what this big and diverse staff can do for you! I’ve already seen a handful of freshmen come into the office asking about resumes and internships! Freshmen! This is so impressive to me, students thinking ahead and getting ahead, ensuring future success. Think Career Services can’t help you? Well, I’ll break it down for you:

Freshmen: PICK A MAJOR AND GET INVOLVED! Meet with one of our counselors and get help figuring out what you might love doing. Take courses in a lot of areas and figure out what you’re excited about. AND sign up for UA Career Path, get to know the resources that will be available to you for the next several years. Starting getting involved- in clubs, in activities, in your career search! Start networking, talk to professors, conduct informational interviews with people with cool careers, get your name out there and starting setting up your future.

Sophomores: LOOK FOR INTERNSHIPS AND GET YOUR RESUME READY! It’s time to start looking at your career options. Find out what’s out there for your major, and what you may need for your career. If there are no internships in your major that interest you, find one! Network, call around, find what you would LOVE to do. The early bird gets the worm is NOT a cliché – by starting sophomore year you give yourself the opportunity to figure out the hard questions: will I get credit for this? Will I enjoy the work I’ll be doing? Will I be able to explore my options? Having a resume now will alleviate SO much stress in your future. Once you have a general resume you can just keep adding things to it as you go (which we can assist you with), and then when you’re a junior applying for internships you’re not freaking out a week before the application is due.

Juniors: GET AN INTERNSHIP! Junior year you’re really starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but, as a lot of upperclassmen know, the real world looks a little scary. By getting an internship you can dip your toes into that scary place and see that maybe it really isn’t that bad. Internship experience also happens to look fantastic on a resume. Career Services can not only help you with the resources for this internship, we can also critique your cover letter, and do a mock interview so it’s not so nerve racking on the big day.

Seniors: UH OH! So, now what? Grad School? Law School? Med School? Big kid job? Come in, find out what you might be interested in doing and how you can get there. We can help with questions like, do I need to study for the GRE’s? does this personal statement sound like a twelve-year-old wrote it? do I really have to work in this job where I can hear my soul dying?

All in all, stop stressing yourself out, and stop trying to do everything on your own! We’d be happy to help. 🙂

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