Teaching opportunity, East Asian Studies

Time frame:  fall semester (September – December).

Placement/job description:  The teacher would be teaching English.  Likely to be placed in a class with one of the teachers who was at TVHS.  They (Tianjin 41 High School) is interested in having native English speakers help their students hear and speak English with a native speaker.  Exactly how the classroom instruction would be organized would have to be worked out between the American teacher and the Tianjin teacher – likely it would be a co-teaching model – along side the Tianjin English teacher.  Their students (and teachers) are excellent writers and readers of English, their speaking/listening skills are not as high as they would like.

Living situation:  The teacher would be staying in the school at #41 High School in their own space  – it is a boarding school and has dorms for teachers.  The food served there is quite good.  The accommodations are adequate & comfortable.

Expenses:  We would be able to cover the travel expenses, and a small stipend.  Room and board is covered.  Health insurance would not be covered.  There would be opportunities for the teacher to engage in private English tutoring in the evenings/weekends for income, that would have to be developed upon arrival.

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