New York State Senate Technology Internship Program

The New York State Senate is seeking motivated students looking for challenging and substantive computer science projects that will make a real difference in New York State government for the Fall 2012 semester. Students will be responsible for leading one or more discrete projects under the direct supervision of a New York State Senate IT professional. Students will leverage Java and MySQL, as well as working with external API’s this semester. Students will work in a collaborative team environment, and my interface with both technical and nontechnical members.

Senate internships provide students with a fantastic opportunity to gain ‘real-world’ experience leveraging marketable technologies to help build exciting applications. Additionally, students are afforded the opportunity to work with a talented group of programmers and technologists, and are exposed to best practices in application development. This internship is unpaid. However, past interns have applied Senate technology internships toward school credits. Students will be expected to commit 10 hours per week on project work.


Senate Address Geocoding Engine (SAGE) 2.0 – SAGE is a service that leverages a number of other services – both Senate and 3rd party – to geocode and assign political jurisdictions (eg. Senate District, Assembly District, Congressional District) to postal addresses. SAGE is open source software, and is available for use by individuals and organizations outside of the Senate.

SAGE’s architecture is flexible, and allows for multiple services to geocode an address. We currently have interfaces to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MapQuest’s proprietary Navteq-based service. We would like to add support for OpenStreetMap (OSM).

The successful candidate will implement OSM functionality in two phases:

Phase 1: Design and implement an interface to MapQuest’s OSM service.

Phase 2: Install, configure, and implement a localized instance of OSM, and build an interface to this localized OSM instance.

Requires: Java, APIs

Interested students should send cover letter and resume to:

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