Support Specialist for Student Support Services – Apply by 7/31/12

Job Description:

Provides services, including assistance in academic course selection, help in understanding financial aid and completing application forms, help with creating personal budgets, assistance in locating scholarship sources, and assistance with assessing student project service needs to a caseload of SSS participants (approximately 115-135 students).


Bachelor’s degree in Education, Social Work, or related field is required.

Experience working with students in an educational setting is required, with preference given for specific experience in the areas of programs for disadvantaged students, college advisement, transfer, career services, or college financial aid.

Ability to understand and relate effectively to disabled, first-generation, economically disadvantaged students is required.  Candidates must also have the ability to communicate effectively, to do group presentations, keep detailed records, and provide adequate follow-up.  Knowledge of student learning styles, educational techniques. and  student transfer is preferred.  Must be able to demonstrate a strong sense of commitment to diversity.

Application Instructions:  SEE THE COLLEGE WEBSITE AT:

All application materials must be submitted prior to July 31, 2012.

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