2012 KeyBank and Fisher College of Business Leadership & Creativity Undergraduate Minority Student Symposium

Minority undergraduate students majoring in Business and Engineering have an opportunity to attend a leadership conference hosted by Ohio State University on October 25th-28th. Interested students should make sure they meet the following requirements:

• Enrolled junior or senior undergraduate business or engineering student.

• Under-represented ethnic minority students with a GPA above 3.0 (preferably 3.4 or above) on a 4.0 scale.

• Resume, unofficial college transcript, completed application form including an essay explaining the reason for wanting to enroll.

•Apply by June 1 2012 for an early registration fee of $30.00 OR August 31st, 2012 for a $50.00 registration fee.

• The student must ask their advisor for nomination

This three day event will have forums for skills building workshops in various areas, including leadership training, entrepreneurial theory and practice, and persuasive communication. The benefits of attending include housing and meals, participation allowance, and individual scholarships. To find out more and register go to http://fisher.osu.edu/offices/minority-student-services/events/keybank-undergrad-symposium/application

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