First Day Of Blogging

Hi, My name is Brittney McFadden and I have decided to blog about my experiences as a Student Affairs Career Services Intern. I know many of you may not know what student affairs is, but we will get back to that later. I am a rising junior at Alfred University majoring in History and I am originally from Brooklyn, NY. I am a NUFP Fellow, collegiate basketball player, member of the Women’s Leadership Academy, and a First Year RA. Ok, back to what student affairs is. Student Affairs encompasses a variety of services and offices in a given institution of higher education that relates to a student’s success, whether it be health, career, or academic. At least that is how I see student affairs. Think of all the departments at your school, the Health Center, the Counseling Center, and Career Services, all of these offices are a part of Student Affairs. It is a broad profession, as I keep learning everyday, but also a very enriching one. So this summer through the NUFP Summer Internship program I was able to secure a job in Career Services at the University at Albany. And so far it has been great. There are also other interns here working with Res Life, Student Activities, and Multicultural Students. One of my reasons for writing this blog is so that I can use it as a way to reflect and remember all the cool things I get to do this summer. SUNY Albany has a huge student population of about 19,000 students, which is larger than my school, which has at a maximum 2.500 students. But I have noticed regardless of the size of the institution, many colleges offer the same services. So both SUNY Albany and my school offer career advisement, resume critiques, practice interviews, and job fairs. So throughout the summer I will continue to blog about my experiences here in Albany as I learn more about Career Services and venture to other offices such as Student Activities, Budget and Finance, and Judicial Affairs .

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